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Rules for Automatic Outlining of CTVs in Spine Planning Procedures

The automatic generation of a clinical target object follows these rules:

When the GTVinvolves the unilateral pedicle,thenthe pedicle and ipsilateral transverse/laminaare included in the CTV.
involves the spinous process,the entire spinous process and bilateral laminae
involves the vertebral body and bilateral pedicle/transverse processes,the entire vertebral body, bilateral pedicles, transverse process/laminae and spinous process
involves the vertebral body and one unilateral pedicle,the entire vertebral body, pedicle and ipsilateral transverse process/laminae
involves a unilateral lamina,the lamina/transverse process, the ipsilateral pedicle and the spinous process
Additional rules for clinical target generation:

  • When the intersection between the GTV and one sector is not empty, this sector is included in the CTV.
  • When changes occur to the GTV, the sector selection dynamically updates.
  • Every change to the GTV triggers a CTV update except for changes to the name, color or comments.
Art-No. 60919-79EN

Date of issue: 2019-12-05