Object Management Object Manipulation

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Perform an Object Operation



Open the Operations tab .


Choose the desired operation to create a new object.

  • To copy an object:
    • Select Copy and then select an object from the list.
  • To perform a union (shown in the image above), subtraction or intersection:
    • Select Union, Subtraction, or Intersection and then select two or more objects from the list.


To modify the margins of an existing or newly created object , select:

  • Smooth and use the slider to adjust the smoothness of the contours.
  • Margin and use the slider to adjust the margin’s width.
    • Select Advanced to use additional sliders for a more detailed adjustment.


Once you are satisfied with the operation, select Store under OPERATION PREVIEW .


A dialog appears displaying the default properties of the new object. Adjust the properties as desired.


Select OK to save the new or modified object.

Article No. 60917-69EN

Date of publication: 2018-05-07