Image Fusion

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Intended Use

Indications for Use

The Image Fusion Element can be used in clinical workflows that benefit from the co-registration of image data. For example, this applies to navigation systems or medical data information terminals for image processing or image guided surgery in general as well as for treatment planning software for radiosurgery and radiotherapy. The device itself does not have specific clinical indications.

Intended Use for Image Fusion

The Image Fusion Element is an application for the co-registration of image data within medical procedures by using rigid and deformable registration methods. It is intended to align anatomical structures between data sets.

Intended User

Image Fusion is intended to be used by medical professionals and their assistants working in the field of neurosurgery, traumatology or radiotherapy planning.

Place of Use

The Image Fusion Element is designed to be used in:

  • A hospital office environment or at any other location offering a computer.

  • An operating room/suite or in rooms appropriate for surgical interventions.

Plausibility Review


Careful Hardware Handling

Article No. 60917-40EN

Date of publication: 2017-10-23