Microscope Navigation Hardware

Microscope Navigation

General Information

Microscopes from various manufacturers can be set up for use with Brainlab navigation systems. The connection between the surgical microscope and the Brainlab navigation system is established by a dedicated microscope integration cable.

The navigation system can determine the viewing direction, the focus point, and the field of view diameter of the microscope and display the information on the navigation screen.

To set up a microscope:

  • A Microscope Adapter Set must be attached to the microscope.
  • The microscope and the navigation system must be connected using the correct microscope integration cable.

For more information on the Microscope Adapter Set, refer to the Cranial/ENT Optical Tracking Instrument User Guide.

Before Using

Read the relevant Software User Guide before performing microscope navigation.

Art-No. 60920-15EN

Datum vydání: 2020-05-26